Becoming an Expert Witness Seminar

One Psychology is inviting psychologists from all disciplines to our 'Becoming an Expert Witness' seminar in Milton Keynes on Thursday the 10th March 2016 between 1.30pm and 4.30pm, in association with Bond Solon.

Seminar Information

In Association with Bond Solon

In Association with Bond Solon

  • Refreshments and welcome
  • A short presentation by the Director of One Psychology on becoming an associate and the opportunities available
  • Keynote speaker and leading solicitor from Bond Solon on the role and responsibility of an expert witness and the training available to you
  • Q&A

Venue will be in Central Milton Keynes and will be confirmed by email

First Steps to becoming an expert witness

Our invitation is open to all psychologists who are

  • Registered as a practitioner psychologist with the HCPC?
  • Have now or soon to have 5 years post training experience?
  • Have an interest in becoming an expert witness?

Places are limited so to avoid disappointment please register early by completing the form below.  

If you would like to discuss the event before registering, please call us on  01908 766536 or email us at  To find further information on becoming an expert witness visit our Becoming an Expert Witness page here.

Why are we doing this?

Expert Witness in Court

The role of psychology in supporting legal processes has expanded markedly in recent years, leading to a welcome increase in the influence of research from psychology.

If you have ever thought of becoming an expert witness, now might be a good time to find out more about the opportunities available to you.  

One Psychology is expanding its network of associate psychologists to meet demand for expert witness work.  We offer a range of training opportunities and benefits for those who wish to become an associate with us.

To find further information on becoming an expert witness visit our website.

Event Registration

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One Psychology in association with Bond Solon aims to support our commitment in developing our network of associates.  

Bond Solon is the UK's leading legal training and information company specifically for non-lawyers.  Providing training and information on legal knowledge, procedure, evidence and skills and are the market leaders in providing innovative, relevant and experiential courses designed to improve best practice and performance.